At affordable prices!

Learning how to build a website begins at knowing what you want to do with the site. It isn't simply getting onto a website design page and running with it, although you can. It's about creating the environment that works best for your personal or small business desires.

As we discuss your needs and desires for your site; how you want it to look and feel, colors, schemes and so on. We also need to talk about how to use it to generate revenue (if that is your goal), track results and connect your Social Media efforts to your site providing you with a breadth of coverage across platforms.

​I will give you a free consult before doing any work. I can't help you until I know what you really want from your site. We also need to discuss the need for tracking activity (hits) to your site and finding proper demographics so you can adjust your marketing to specifically target your desired clients.

Teaching is what I do best, so think of it this way; you will not only get your website up and running, but you will also know how to make any changes you require within the boundaries of the website building tool you get. I create documentation and screen captures to aid in your learning. I want you to get your site up and running quickly and affordably but to also be self reliant.