At affordable prices!

I not only build your Website or Blog site, I discuss design concepts with you based off your tendencies, desires and concepts. I also teach you how to be self-sustaining! That's correct; I want you to learn how to make changes to your layouts, text, do research on your analytics or add a new image so that you are not bound to me or some other consultant to make the changes you need when YOU need them done! 

However, if you require someone to design, build and maintain your site, I will gladly do that for you and since I live in Sedona, my response time is ridiculously fast!

​After you've received your quotes from the "Big Boys" in town, contact me and find out what kind of savings you will get!​ I can even teach you how to make your Facebook Page into a marketing tool!

​                                     WHY CHOOSE ME?                          

I've been in the computer business ever since I joined the US Navy back in the 80's. Prior to coming to Sedona 12 years ago, I was a Software Consultant and I taught computer applications (Microsoft Office, Adobe and a countless other proprietary software) to well over a thousand clients/students and the vast majority were adults ages 18-85! 

So when I say I can teach you how to work on your computer, I'm not joking! I have this insane ability to teach anyone anything and I want to use it for your betterment!