The Power of Facebook

Why do I need Facebook Marketing? What are the costs? How hard is it to market myself or my products? Can I sell things on Facebook without being in a Group? What's the difference between a Personal Page and a Business Page and why do I have to make them different? Do I need to be on Twitter, or Pinterest, or Google +?

If you've ever asked yourself these questions or heard a conversation around the coffee shop that sounded a lot like this, then I can answer those questions for you. If you have a small business and you want to have a Social Media presence, then I can help you start you on your way. Every small business needs Social Media to help spread the word. It takes a great marketing scheme and approach to make your reach matter!

It takes very little time if you want a basic setup, but if you are looking to make a personal page and a business page, and have action buttons and links and marketing and ads, etc., then it will take longer. But just like with my website and Blog site building, my desire is to teach you how to do everything you need to and for you to be self-sustaining!

​I provide a FREE consultation to discuss what direction you want to go and to help you decide if you need a business page or not. It's like the commercial you always hear; "15 minutes could save you a lot!"