​​                                                WHAT IS HEALING THROUGH HIKING?

Its simple; The ability for the human body to physically heal itself through hiking in Sedona.

How is this possible? 

Each person has the ability to heal themselves through things like meditation, vibrations, toning, exercising, eating better foods, not abusing their bodies, etc. Hiking in Sedona provides not only a healthy exercise, but the power of the energies surrounding the magnificent Red Rocks! There may not be any medical proof or scientific tests that can back this up, but it is what it is and it has worked for many people and I have seen, heard and had it happen to me. It is real and it worked. That's the only test I need!

Two examples of how this has worked:

1) Yava-Coco Tours' Bear had double hip replacement surgery back in 2001...

"By 2004 I realized I was not back to the physical condition I had hoped. An unexpected, but perfectly timed journey to Sedona brought me new possibilities. Within the first 30 minutes of being in Sedona for the first time, I found myself atop Bell Rock and in the midst of the powerful Vortex. I began meditating and within 15 minutes, my entire body began to shake and convulse and I started crying uncontrollably. Not like I was sad...it was like someone turned on a faucet! It seemed to last for 30 minutes, but it might have been 5 or 10. Regardless, the spirits spoke to me and told me I was in the right place and that everything was going to be ok. They told me that I was not ready to be here for good just yet, but patience was required. After coming to grips around what just happened, I got to my feet, put on my full pack and began to ascend to the north side of Bell Rock. Then...it happened! I felt nothing. And by that, I mean I felt no pain! None! Zip! Nada! Zilch! It was as if my hip issues were gone and the convulsions seemed to heal my body! It was unthinkable for me at the time, but I made a decision to accept everything that happened and embrace the new mechanical wonders so I started to run around Bell. Then I started jumping across the crevasses! 2 feet...4 feet...even 6 foot gaps, I was jumping them all WITH my backpack on! The other hikers were looking at me strangely and wondering why I was so happy and how I could be running and jumping around. I had to tell a few of them my short story and they just smiled and allowed me to return to my joyous adventure!"

"Since then, I have had no pains in my hips or legs and have been an extreme hiker ever since (as you can tell by the pics and videos on this site). I am happy to say that the magic of Sedona has brought me to a new level of spiritual balance and a deeper love for Mother Earth and all her glory!" - Bear

​2) Randy Fridley was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension

​"I was living in Florida when my disease; pulmonary hypertension, was diagnosed by one of only three specialists in the USA on Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Tiny malformed blood vessels in my lungs were leaking and making my lungs too stiff to breathe normally. I was huffing and puffing just taking out the garbage. I had a battery of medical tests. The progressive nature of the disease gave me a prognosis of about two years to live. When I told my family that I wanted my ashes scattered in Sedona they were shocked. “You haven’t even lived there and you want to spend eternity there?” they asked with some disbelief. Well I had wanted to live here for years, but life got in the way. Surely death wouldn’t have that power. So we moved to Sedona quickly so I could live my final months in the place I loved, doing as much as possible of what I enjoyed most; hiking in the Red Rocks."

"During the weeks and hikes that followed a miracle began to happen, and I could feel it. I hiked for eight months and found many special places. I received nature’s treatment along these trail segments and in two follow up visits to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix during the ensuing months, tests that were used to follow my disease no longer showed signs of the disease. This is something that doesn’t happen in pulmonary hypertension. You don’t get a cure. The Mayo Clinic dismissed me as a patient. I was cured!" - Randy


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