What is Blogging? How do I do it? How much would it cost me? Can I get paid to write on a Blog?

All these questions are what deter folks from actually Blogging. Essentially, Blogging is a social site that people make to share events, activities, thoughts, ideas, questions and answers and a whole lot of community action!

Blog sites are used for business, personal, political, religious, or just about any concept you desire including creative writing, marketing, "My cat Willy", daily thoughts, etc.. It allows you to invite specific people on board or open it up to the masses or even just have people read your words of wisdom. You can control who writes what, what kind of content they write, when they can write it and much more. Most businesses will have a blog site for their customers to voice their opinions or to share unique experiences with other clients.

As far as getting paid to write on a will most likely be required to have oodles of blogging experience in order to be invited to a paid author blog site. You can offer to pay writers on your blog if you wish, but that becomes your deal with those authors you invite.

If you hire me to help you design and create your Blog site, I will teach you how to do everything and make sure you are capable of taking care of it on your own, unless, of course, you prefer I manage it for you.

It may only take a couple of hours for you to be;