Through his own spiritual guidance, appreciation for all American Indians, and a love for Sedona, AZ, Bear has created a familiar sound while playing his hand-made Navajo flutes. While in the depths of the canyons, or on the tops of the mountains, you can hear Bear's Flute sounds echoing for miles! His hand-made Navajo Flutes help him connect with the ancestors and bring spiritual balance to his 'friends' as they follow him to sacred destinations like; 7 Vortexes, Shaman's Cave, 7 Sacred Pools, The Birthing Cave, 7 Canyons, 2000 year old Ruin sites, Bear Rock and many others.

The terms "Native American Flute" and "Indian Flute" are used to describe the style of music that I create. It does not imply that the flute and/or music is made by a member of a Native American tribe. In truth, I am a "Native American". This is only due to the fact that I was actually born in America. I also have American Indian blood in my ancestry. However, as a non "card carrying Indian", in order to comply with mandates set down by The Department of the Interior, I have included this disclaimer. 

​​Native American Flute Music - Original sounds created by Yava-Coco in the Red Rocks of Sedona using his Hand-Made Navajo Flutes!

For most of his life, Bear has been listening to Native American Flute music and sharing it with whomever wanted to listen. Over the past three years, his passion is now providing the sounds of Native American Flute music with every Hike or Medicine Wheel experience he provides!

Yava-Coco CDs and Downloads are now available

Recordings from deep within the caves, atop the mountains, within the walls of the ravines and even at the Medicine Wheel with echoing Native American Flute sounds from his collection of Hand-Made Navajo Flutes, Bear brings you his heart and soul with each breath.
​           Order his CD collectionand find your connection with Sedona long after you have hiked with him and heard it live.