Who is Bear and Yava-Coco

"All I want to do is hike!"  Bear

When Bear is on vacation or a day off, he does what he does best; Hike!

"I've been hiking all my life and appreciating every step I take. I respect the land and the history here and I do the best I can to educate my friends on stewardship when they hike with me."

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Soaring Bear is my name. It was a gift to me from my Sioux brothers many years ago. I have honored the name Bear ever since and will continue to honor it with each step I take. We've all had a road that brought us to where we are and that road can sometimes be filled with deep emotions or joy. Regardless, I am here in Sedona and it is my Home!

With a passion for hiking, Coming to Sedona has brought given me experiences with the great outdoors to a higher level and it truly does have options! In the tiny little corner of Arizona nestled between the Yavapai and Coconino counties within 19.2 square miles (thus the name Yava-Coco!), is a wonder of views and experiences like no other on the planet. People travel the globe to visit Sedona, Arizona for the Vortex energies and the magnificent Red Rocks. I am blessed to be living right inside the walls and provide a never ending experience for every friend I bring on tour.

I bring over 30 years of hiking in Sedona, along the Appalachian Trail, snowshoeing the Long Trail of Vermont and bicycle riding up and down Mingus Mtn. in Jerome. I offer a breadth of knowledge and skill set suited for this area. 

So, get your backpack, your hiking boots and cameras and get your information FREE from Yava-Coco today!